4 Easy Ways To Attach a File in Ms Word

We are going to introduce you to the 4 easy ways for how to attach a file in ms word. You may know how to attach a file in ms word but here we will show you all the possible ways of attaching or linking files including pdf files, word files, text files and more in ms word.

Insert an Object:

With this method you can create a link to any existing file which includes inserting the name of the file or Icon of the file, upon clicking on the icon or name of the file inserted in word will open the linked or attached file.

This method also gives you the option of inserting the whole content of the selected file in your word document.

1. Link a file as attachment in word:

1. Click on the Insert tab at the top menu and then click on Object icon.

2. Select Create from File tab from the pop up window and click on browse and select the file which you want to link.

3. Click OK button, that’s it your file is linked to the word document. Now double click on the icon of the linked file and it will open that file.

2. Link content or text of a file in word document:

If you want to display text or content of a file in word this option is for you, if the content of the linked file is updated, it will also be reflected in the word document.

1. Click on the Insert Tab and then click on the small arrow next to Object and select “Text from File”.

insert text or content from another file on word.

2. Locate your file and click on Insert Button.

This will add the content of the selected file to the word document. Any updates made to the linked document will get reflected in the word document.

3. Paste Link Option:

1. Select and copy some text from the source document.

2. Select Home tab and then click the small arrow under Paste, select Paste Special.

From the pop-up window select the radio button next to Paste Link and select unformatted text or any other option you like. Now Press OK Button and it is done.

Note: You will notice no difference between simple paste and paste special so far, the main difference is when the source document updates the text pasted with the above method will also update.

All you have to do is right click on the pasted text or content and select Update Link from the right click menu. Any changes made to the source document will reflect here.

update link in ms word for paste special option.

If you check the check box next to Display as icon, it will display the icon of the source file from which the text is selected. Clicking on this document will open the source document.

4. Link a document through Bookmark in Word:

1. Select some text and create a bookmark in the source document or the document which you want to link.

2. In the main document Click on the insert tab and then select Hyperlink.

3. Click on the browse button and select your file in which bookmark is created.

4. Now click on the Bookmark button and select your bookmark which you created and then click on OK button.

insert bookmark in word

That’s it, hope that we helped you in making more out of Microsoft Word. If you liked it don’t forget to share this on social media with your friends.

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