45 Vitamin E Rich Foods – Nutrition Facts

What is Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is a fat soluble compound, an important antioxidant which normalizes the body against harmful effects of fats oxidation. Vitamin E is just not the name of one compound but vitamin E is the collective name of 8 different fat soluble compounds with peculiar antioxidant activities. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient required by body to maintain overall good health and to prevent different medical conditions.

Health Benefits of Vitamin E:

Vitamin E health benefit includes (but not limited to) helping against Alzheimer disease, Muscle strength improvement, healthy and thick hair also prevent hair loss, normalize hormones level, helps in repairing damaged skin and balances cholesterol.

The RDA for vitamin E is 15 mg/day and  Daily Value (DV) is 27 mg/day. Daily value or DV is listed on foods and supplements available in the market but RDA is not. The RDA value is different for different age ranges.

Age Range
Recommended Dietary Intake(RDA)
  0-6 months  4 mg — (6 IU)
 7-12 months 5 mg — (7.5 IU)
 1 – 3 years 6 mg — (9 IU)
 4 – 8 years7 mg — (10.4 IU)
 9-13 years11 mg — (16.4 IU)
 14+ years15 mg — (22.4 IU)

Foods High in Vitamin E:

To prevent any nutrient deficiency it is always a good way to eat food that are packed with high amount of that nutrient, this way it is nearly impossible to consume excess amount of any nutrient preventing complexities that can result in high intake of any nutrient.  We have listed 45 Vitamin E rich foods containing vegetable oils, spices, nuts and vegetables to help you find the food you love to consume for preventing Vitamin E deficiency.

 All the values listed in this table are for 100 Grams of each food.
  1.  Wheat germ oil :  149.40mgWheat germ oil
  2.  Hazelnut oil : 47.20mgHazelnut oil
 3. Peanut Butter smooth vitamin and mineral fortified: 43.20mgPeanut Butter vitamin and mineral fortified
 4. Sunflower oil linoleic  (less than 60%) : 41.08mgSunflower oil
 5.  Almond oil : 39.20 mgAlmond oil
 6.  Spices chili powder : 38.14 mg Vitamin E in chilli powder
 7.  Sunflower seed kernels dried : 35.17 Vitamin E in sunflower-seed
 8.  Cotton seed oil salad or cooking: 35.30 mg Vitamin E in Cottonseed oil
 9. Safflower oil: 34.10 mg Vitamin E in Safflower oil
 10. Rice bran oil: 32.30 mg Vitamin E in Rice Bran oil
 11. Pepper red or cayenne: 29.83 mgVitamin E in pepper red or cayenne
 12. Paprika: 29.10 mgVitamin E in Paprika
 13. Grape seed oil:  28.80 mgVitamin E in Grape seed oil
 14. Raw Almonds: 25.63mgVitamin E in Raw Almonds
 15. Oregano dried: 18.26 mgVitamin E in Oregano
 16. Canola Oil: 17.46 mgVitamin E in Canola Oil
 17. Palm Oil: 15.94 mghttp://amzn.to/2EVhoQ7
 18. Peanut Oil: 15.69 mgVitamin E in Peanut oil
19. Oat Oil: 14.40 mgVitamin E in Oat oil
 20. Olive Oil: 14.35 mgVitamin E in Olive Oil
 21. Soybean Oil: 12.10 mgVitamin E in Soybean Oil
 22. Poppy seed Oil: 11.40 mgVitamin E in Poppy Seed Oil
 23. Basil dried: 10.70 mgVitamin E in Dried Basil
 24. Pine nuts dried:  9.33 mgVitamin E in Pine Nuts dried
25. Spice Cloves grounded: 8.83 mgVitamin E in cloves
 26. Peanuts all types:  8.33 mgVitamin E in Peanuts
 27. Sage grounded: 7.48 mgVitamin E in Sage
 28. Thyme dried: 7.48 mgVitamin E in thyme
 29. Tomato Juice: 5.56 mgVitamin E in tomato juice
 30. Seaweed Canadian cultivated: 5.53 mgVitamin E in seaweed
 31. Carrot dehydrated: 5.45 mgVitamin E in carrots dehydrated
 32. Mustard Seeds:  5.07 mgVitamin E in mustard seeds
 33. Egg yolk dried: 4.81 mgVitamin E in Dried Egg yolk
 34. Spices turmeric grounded: 4.43 mgVitamin E in turmeric grounded
 35. Apricots dried, sulfured, uncooked: 4.33 mg Vitamin E in dried apricots
 36. Cumin seeds:  3.33 mgVitamin E in dried cumin
 37. Green Turnip: 2.86 mgVitamin E in Turnips turnips
 38. Pistachio nuts raw: 2.86 mgVitamin E in pistachios
 39. Avocados raw Florida:  2.66 mgVitamin E in avocado
 40. Egg yolk raw, fresh:  2.58 mg
 41. Broccoli raab, cooked:  2.53 mgVitamin E in Broccoli
 42. Coriander (cilantro) leaves: 2.50 mgVitami E in coriander leaves
 43. Blueberries dried, sweetened: 2.35 mgVitamin E in blueberries
 44. Cinnamon grounded: 2.32 mgVitamin E in cinnamon grounded
 45. Cranberries dried, sweetened: 2.10 mgVitamin E in cranberry dried sweetened

Note: The vitamin E values listed in the above table are taken from USDA database

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