4 Best Essential Oils for Quick Weight Loss


4 Best Essential Oils for weight loss

In this modern world almost every individual is facing obesity and looking for ways of quick weight loss as the results of our busy life style and unhealthy diet, as i belongs to this modern world and i struggle too for avoiding obesity. I searched the internet for quick weight loss tips and some miraculous medications but found none which exactly work in-spite of their claims, although i found something very interesting in regards to quick weight loss which i am going to share here and of-course this will also help you and those with whom you share this valuable knowledge. You may have heard of the word essential oil which is extracted from almost every spice, fruits, leaves and barks of plants. Theses essential oils are a concentrated form of nutrients and plant compounds responsible for a range of curing and helping human health conditions, and the most important point in the context of this article is that essential oils are very helpful in terms of weight loss and relieving us from obesity if properly used. I have picked these 4 essential oils for quick weight loss according to their properties which will help you in loosing extra weight.

Cinnamon Essential Oil:   

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Cinnamon essential oil is extracted from the bark or leaves of Cinnamomum tree, cinnamon is commonly used as a spice mostly in Asia. Cinnamon has a lot of therapeutic properties and health benefits including weight loss assistant. It improves insulin sensitivity, boost metabolic system and regulate blood sugar levels.

According to a study published in “Diabetic Care”,  1 ,3 or 6 gram of grounded cinnamon were given to 60 patients daily. In addition to lowering glucose levels, the levels of unhealthy cholesterol were also reduced in all the patients who took cinnamon for 40 days. 23 to 30 percent reduction was recorded in triglyceride levels and 7 to 27 percent reduction was monitored in LDL “bad” cholesterol. For more info about Cinnamon click here.

Fennel Seed Essential Oil:

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Fennel seeds commonly have a corner in most of the kitchens due to its distinct flavor and use in food stuff. Fennel seed has been used in fasting for thwarting hunger and invigorating movement in digestive system. Fennel essential oil is a well-known digestive system booster and appetite suppressor, in some people weight gain might be a result of low self-esteem and stress which lead to over eating. Fennel essential also has the properties of stress reliever and confidence enhancer thus supportive in quick weight loss. Fennel is also known that it breaks-up the bloodstream’s fat deposits and use it as energy, utilization of the stored energy sources in a body result in lowering food cravings. For more info about Fennel Essential Oil click here

Grapefruit Essential Oil:


Grapefruit essential oil is extracted from the peel of grapefruit either by cold press or steam distillation method. Grapefruit essential oil is a digestive system booster and a well-known detoxification agent; it helps the body in fats burning and in clearing toxins.  Grapefruit essential oil is being considered a first choice in the weight loss plan and has shown significant results in assisting weight loss in several studies. It is also used to suppress appetite and reduce weight gain. For more info about Grapefruit essential oil Click Here

Lemon Essential Oil:


Like Grapefruit oil Lemon essential oil also contains limonene which is effective in dissolving body fats Lemon essential oil is also known for the elevation of negative feelings. It is used to cure depression in aromatherapy thus reducing the chances of weight gain resulting by stress and depression.

How to use essential oils for weight loss:

There are three ways of using these essential oils for weight loss.

1, Put one to two drops of cinnamon essential oil or grapefruit essential oil or lemon essential oil or fennel essential oil on clean cotton ball and inhale for about 4 minutes. You can also diffuse these oils in your room or office.

2, Add one drop of cinnamon oil or grapefruit oil or lemon oil or fennel oil to a glass of water and drink it once a day. Although the essential oil mentioned in this article are safe for internal use but I would prefer inhalation which is a safe and effective way of benefiting from essential oils.

3, Add one to two drops of cinnamon oil or grapefruit oil or lemon oil or fennel oil to a table spoon of carrier oil such as olive oil and massage it on the fatty area of your body.

Of course all these oil can be used together for efficient result.

Recommended way for fat burning:

Add 1 drop of cinnamon oil, 1 drop of grapefruit oil, 1 drop of lemon oil, 1 drop of fennel oil to 2 table spoons of a carrier oil and mix. When properly mixed massage it on the fatty area of your body for about 20 to 25 minutes for better results.

Although loosing weight by diet is one thing but you should know the tricks of our mind too which is also a big hurdle to overcome in some people that’s why shedding extra weight seems impossible to them. If you want to know the mind tricks and want to know how to overcome them here is a great book which is definitely very helpful in training our mind for weight loss.

The Thin’s Woman Brain: Rewiring the Brain for Permanent Weight Loss


Do not use essential oil directly on the skin before diluting it with carrier oil such as coconut oil and olive oil, As essential oils are highly concentrated and may cause irritation with the direct topical application.

Always purchase food grade essential oil.

Direct sunlight should be avoided after the topical application of grapefruit and lemon essential oil

Children and pregnant women should consult a professional medical practitioner before using essential oils, some essential oils are to be avoided in state of pregnancy.

Diabetic people when using cinnamon essential oil should monitor their blood glucose level closely, cinnamon essential oil can sometime drop blood glucose level.

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Friendly Advice:

As the above mentioned essential oils have been proved helpful in weight loss but the use of these essential oils are more effective with a balance diet and a little exercise.


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  2. I have read about the benefits of cinnamon for blood pressure control and lowering sugar levels, it is good to know that cinnamon also helps in weight loss.

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