Do You Know that Birds can Survive at -10 and Below -10 Degree Fahrenheit

Flight of Bar Headed Goose at 27000 feet Altitude and its Survival at Extremely Low Temperature.


Scientific name: Anser indicus

Breeding Place : Central Asia

Bar headed geese live in colonies consisting thousands of them, they lay 3 to eight eggs and breed in Central Asia close to mountain lakes. These birds are known for the debilitating migration route of Himalayas they take when migrating from central Asia to the regions of South Asia in the winter.  These birds are one of the highest flying birds of the world  and can survive at extremely low temperatures (below -10 and -11 degree Fahrenheit).

Highest Altitude tracked during Bar Headed Geese Migration:

A climber from New Zealand named George Lowe said that he had witnessed the flight of bar headed geese over the peak of Mount Everest (Height of Mont Everest is 29000 feet). In a study done in 2012 the highest altitude gain by a single bar headed goose was 23920 feet out of 91 tagged birds.

Scientists have found these birds can fly and breathe well at high altitudes, low oxygen and low temperature.

According to Dr Charles Bishop the lead researcher from Bangor University in Gwynedd, these birds continuously flap their wings throughout one or two of their tracked flights.

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