Do You Know Where does the Fats Go When You lose Weight??

Where does the fats go when you lose it?

Where does the fats go when you lose it?

Most of you would think that fats are converted to energy or heat during the weight loss process, which is assumed correct in some way but reading this article will change your thinking and you will learn exactly what the fats are converted to in weight loss process.

I was being curious to know, what happens to the fats if someone lose weight. I have read and heard from several people involve in weight loss business but every one failed to convince me until now.

According to Ruben Meerman, a physicist and TV presenter “Carbon Dioxide is the main component to which most of the weight is converted and breathed out”.

It is explained as most of the fats molecule consists of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen and as we exercise our body consumes the calories taken in with recent meals. After burning all the calories obtained from food our body then turns to the stored fats, which are then broken down for calories, carbon dioxide and water. For every 10 kg of fats 8.4 kg is converted into carbon dioxide and 1.6 kg of water. Carbon dioxide is exhaled and water leave our body through sweat, tears(if you are an emotional one) and excretion.

Tip: While exercising  breath oxygen frequently as a lot of oxygen is required for converting fats in to carbon dioxide and water.

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  1. Very strange , I thought that Go through the urine

    • Amir you were not wrong, Most of the body stored fats converted into carbon dioxide, calories and a part of it converted into water. This water leaves our body through sweat, tears and urine.

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