How To Change Display Name of Gmail Account

Gmail name is the name which appears with the emails you send from your gmail account. If you are not happy with your gmail or google name, we will walk you through the steps for how to change your gmail name or google name, but if you are searching for changing the gmail user name or gmail address then it is better to create a new gmail account because google does not allow changing email address in gmail.

Steps to change your gmail account name:

1. Sign in to your gmail account, click on Settings icon and select See all settings from the settings menu.

change your gmail name

2. In settings click on Accounts and Imports, scroll down and locate Send mail as, click on edit info as shown in the screenshot below.

change your gmail display name

3. Select the radio button next to the Text input field, enter your desired display name and click on Save Changes button.

change your gmail account display name

Congrats!! you have successfully changed your gmail display name. Now all the emails you send will have your new name.

If you are looking for how to change gmail address, stop because google does not allow changing gmail address. It is best to create a new gmail address and import all your contacts from the old email id to the new gmail address.

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