How To Change Your YouTube Name (YouTube Channel name)

how to change YouTube Channel Name

It seems like you created a YouTube channel and now for some reason you are not satisfied with your channel name, in this article your will learn how to change your YouTube channel name in just a few easy steps, but let me tell you that YouTube allows changing your channel name for a few times but changing it frequently is something YouTube does not allows. Some research and thinking will save you from worries and the troubles of changing channel name prior to creating a new YouTube channel.

Note: This is a concise article/tutorial solely for changing YouTube channel name.

Steps For Changing YouTube Channel Name :

Step 1: If you are not already Signed in, Sign In to your YouTube channel account by clicking the SIGN IN hyperlink located at the right top of YouTube website.

Step 2: After signing in click on your thumbnail at the top right, and click or select “settings” from the drop down menu. This will take you to the “Account Overview Page”.

change youtube channel name

Step 3: On the Account overview page click on “Edit on Google” link, this will open your google “about me” profile page in a new Tab, where you will change your channel name.

change your youtube name or change youtube channel name

Step 4: On “Google about me” page a pop up will open automatically where you can choose and input different first name and last name, you also can specify a nick name if you want to. Once entered the desired first name and last name  click on “OK”.

change youtube name

Step 5: As you click OK in step 4, a new pop up will be displayed with text like “People change their name infrequently in the real world, so google limit the number of times you can do it”. If you are satisfied with the entered name click on “Change Name” if not click on “CANCEL” and re enter your desired name following step 4.

change youtube name3

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  1. Hi, I Recently created a Youtube channel and its name was my Youtube account name, I wanted to change it but was confused. Through google search i came across this tutorial and changed my Youtube channel name with the first try. Thanks for such to the point tutorials.

  2. This post saved a lot of my time and helped me in changing Youtube channel name.

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  4. I was exactly looking for changing my Youtube channel name, thanks for saving my time.

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