How to Pass FCPS-1 in 3 months

FCPS-1 is one of the most difficult examination for doctors in Pakistan.FCPS-1can only be passed with proper Planning and Time distribution for each subject.I have read many people experience and then combined it mine to produce a proper plan to help the upcoming students.This plan is generally for All specialities. Each speciality needs a little change i will share it in another post.
Books you Need
Short Snell only
Kaplan series
General Pathology and Hematology Chapter from GOLJAN Pathology
Special Pathology from BRS
High yield
6.First Aid Only
7.Rabia Ali is Must
8.Asim and Shoaib MCQs
9. Chandkian MCQs
10. FCPS Old Papers.
Ist Month
1-10 days
Start with Anatomy.
Short Snell Anatomy Minimum 2 reads along with MCQs from Rabia Ali after finishing Each Chapter.
11th to 20th Day
NeuroAnatomy and Embryology should be completed in this time along with embryology section in First Aid and Mcqs from Rabia ali at the end of the study.
21th Day of Ist month to 10th of 2nd month
Physiology is the 2nd most important subject you should read.
BRS Physiology Minimum 2 reads along with MCQs from Rabia Ali at the end of each chapter.
11-20th Day of 2nd Month.
Now you know the Anatomy and Physiology its time to go for Pathology.
General Pathology
General pathology all chapters from GOLJAN pathology it is easy to understand and its to the point.
Everything CPSP is going to ask is written there.
Rabia Ali MCQs is must after finishing every chapter of general pathology.
Minimum 2 reads should be given to every chapter.
2nd Month
21-30th day
Special Pathology
Hematology should be done from GOLJAN while all other Systemic pathology should be done from BRS pathology.
MCQs should be done from Rabia Ali after finishing each chapter.
Minimum 2 reads should be given to every chapter along with MCQs.
3rd Month
1th -10th day
These Ten days should be given to First Aid only this book will save you in the Exam. Memorize it word by word.
FIRST AID should be given 3 reads atleast.
Microbiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry (Vitamins and Amino acids sufficient in Biochemistry) and Biostates can be covered from FIRST AID only. So no need to read any separate book for these subjects.
3rd Month
11st -20th Day
This Last month should be given to MCQs only.
Rabia Ali should be revised 3 times from Ist page till last one. As this is the only MCQs book which is systemic and most of MCQs are repeated from this book. You should know something about every MCQs from Rabia Ali.
20th to 31th Day
In this time you just have to concentrate on MCQs nothing else because FCPS-1 is MCQs exam and your chances of success will be increased only if you have gone through a lot of CPSP pattern MCQs.This is time for solving Past FCPS papers as much as you can. It will be ideal if you start from 2015 papers up to the recent ones. Thanks
Minimum of Eight hours study is required for 3 months according to this plan.
Minimize your Mobile and Internet use. You can use it only at the end of the study to discuss MCQs in Facebook groups it helps a lot but this should be used only when you have completed your task.
Isolate yourself from Friends and family gathering as much as you can.
This a serious exam and only serious people can pass it.
At the End Success will be Yours.

Chandkian 6th Edition Errata


Rabia ali 4th Edition Errata

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FCPS Past Papers

16 &17 April 2015

20th april 2015 online medicine solved paper.

4-6tth Feb FCPS-1 paper


  1. I have tried a no of times but did not succeed.kindly guide me in radiology and gynae

  2. I want to appear in Medicine and Allied.
    Already working in Paeds did D. C.H, did training in MCPS Paeds but unable to pass exam now want to try FCPS part 1, what do you advise.

  3. Assalam o alykum. Brother! I am a mother of toddler and not working any where. And I want to appear in med and allied. Kindly guide me. JazakAllah!

    • W salam..U can also follow this plan for study ..You should keep the Physio on the top and then pathology and then anatomy and when you complete these three subjects then study FIRST AID Usmle step 1..its a miracle book and then MCQs book and at last FCPS papers.Best of luck

  4. Couldn’t find ur plan for FCPS Diagnostic Radiology.
    Kindly guide.
    Waiting for ur precious reply!!

  5. The most difficult for me is first aid organ system , will the BRS physiology b enough for that . U suggested that i should study only these from first aid Pharmacology+Microbiology+Biochemistry+Biostates ??

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