How to Import Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Bookmarks let us save our favorite webpages right in the web browser, otherwise we had to write down web address in a text file or on a paper for remembrance and future visits. In a previous tutorial we have shared how to export google chrome bookmarks and in this tutorial we will share with you how to import bookmarks in google chrome.

Import Bookmarks in Google Chrome:

1. Open or Launch Google Chrome.

2. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right side of address bar.

export chrome bookmarks

3. Place the cursor on Bookmarks from the menu and click on Bookmark manager to launch bookmark manager.

Export google chrome bookmarks

4. Click on the three vertical dots in bookmark manager page.

Export chrome bookmarks bookmark manager

5. Select Imports bookmarks from the menu.

import bookmarks in chrome

6. Locate and select your bookmarks file, click Open button to import your bookmarks.

import bookmarks in google chrome

On Clicking Open button google chrome will import all the bookmarks, and you will see the bookmarks in bookmark manager.

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