The Drum Beaters of Human Rights and their Reality

Everyone who is fond of today’s media and those who buy everything the media sells must be thinking that the drum beaters of human rights are doing their job, by raising voice against the emergency and imprisonment of the people who were part of the turkey failed military coup 2016 or who supported the coup. For the people who believe and support these drum beaters, I have some facts for opening their minds and unfolding their eyes regarding to the double standards of the human rights braggers.

The day from which turkey declared emergency for arresting the traitors of democracy and the suspects of abetting military coup, the grandstanders of human rights panicked for the violation of human rights. While watching the progress of coup they were making themselves ready for celebrations, wanted to see the fall of turkey democratic government. Instead of raising their voice for innocent people dying in the coup they were praising turkey military and their relations with them. Now when the people who were part of the coup, the people who supported the coup, the people favorable for dictatorship, the people who broke the laws of turkey democratic government, the people who wanted to annihilate democracy, the people who killed hundreds of unarmed civilians, and the people who crushed civilians by tanks, are being arrested for their crimes the human rights ranters have opened their mouths against Turkey’s government.

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It’s been seen all over the media that “The world Leaders are asserting force on turkey government for the withdrawal of emergency and the imprisonment of traitors”. All the times we hear the slogans from the aforementioned world leaders “Life without democracy is impossible and we support democracy all over the world”, I don’t know why the people who claim to support democracy would restrain someone from eliminating the threats to democracy in the disguise of Human Rights violation?, I bet you don’t have an answer for this if you are following these leaders. These so called world leaders are just puppets which can’t do anything until someone pull their strings, these strings are pulled whenever they see the strengthening of Islamic leaders in their countries or states, and when they see a future threat to Israel.

None of these world leaders have asserted any force on Israel to stop the killings of Palestinians, no one have raised any voice against the killings in Syria (by France, by Russia, by Bashar UL Asad, by Iran, by America(through ISIS) ), no one have shed a tear for Kashmiri’s people being killed by India, no one had violated human rights when killing thousands of innocent Muslims in Burma, none of these leaders had any morality while killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq.  These are the leaders who supported the military coup of Egypt annihilating the elected democratic government and killings of thousands of Egyptians.

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There is one way, we can say these are the world leaders which is “The world leaders against Muslims”. Today all the cannons are directed toward Muslims but it’s a matter of time for the string pullers to direct them towards any other nation if they felt threatened by it.

The main fault of Turkey president’s Erdogan was that he spoke against the killings of Palestinians, he lead turkey from being a secular state towards an Islamic state, and he spoke against every cruelty faced by Muslims. These are the reason why the coup was planned and why the world leaders are now ranting for human rights.

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