The Effects of Global Warming

The Effects of Global Warming:

In my previous article I have explained the global warming and the increase in earth’s atmospheric temperature during the past decades. In this article I will try to unveil the effects of global warming on the planet earth’s environment and the life on earth.

Climate Changes:

Climate Change

One of the main factors which is disturbed by the global warming is the climate. Since the past 50 years the change in climate is being observed in the form of longer summer and short winter season accompanied with the little snowfall during winter.

Rise of the Sea Level:

rise of sea level

A rise in the sea level is being recorded with the increase in global temperature resulted in the melting of glaciers at a high rate. A study have shown that if the global warming continued this pace then after a century the sea level will rise more than 3 feet, which does not seems that big of a problem for us today but the sea level can rise drastically with the increase in atmospheric temperature.

Another study have shown that 134 million metric ton of ice is being melted per year in Antarctica since 2002. This rate could be accelerated if the global warming continued with the current pace resulting in the rise of sea levels to several meters in the next 50 to 150 years.

Heavy Rainfall, floods and Storms:

Heavy Rainfall and storms

The rise of global temperature at land is twice compared to sea bed, as the heat is consumed in forming water vapors at sea and results in heavy rain which leads to floods. Tropical storm can gain more energy with the increase in ocean’s temperature. Scientists also have found an increase in the frequency of North Atlantic Hurricanes.

Effects on Human Life:

global warming effects on human life

Global Warming is also responsible for increase in infectious diseases, asthma and Allergies due to higher levels of air pollution, increased growth of pollen-producing ragweed, and the spread of conditions favorable to pathogens and mosquitoes. Several thousands of human deaths are being recorded in the previous years due to heat strokes and an increase in temperature.

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  1. At present days, Global warming is the trendiest topic and also a matter of thinking all over the world. Global warming have a number of effects used as description a gradual effects in average temperature in the atmosphere and oceanic. The Number of reason behind happening climate change is because increasing carbon dioxide emissions, burning fossil fuels & rising sea level mainly effecting our ecological system.

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