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AntTheft (Anti Theft Solution)

AntTheft (Anti Theft Solution)

Do you love your Android device and do you want to get it back after being stolen? if yes than this article is for you. This article is about the best free anti theft app i have come across in android play store, i have it installed on my phone as it provides the best  mobile security and i am sure you will give it a try after reading this article.

Anti Theft Solution (AntTheft) is the app i am talking about and following are the features and functions of AntTheft.


Anti Theft Alarm

There are a number of apps offering anti theft alarm functionality but most of them are limited to just this one feature but AntTheft offers a lot more than just anti theft alarm for free.
With AntTheft installed on your android device you can charge your device any where without worrying, Anti Theft Alarm will go off when someone tries to unplug your device from charging..
This alarm only can be stopped by entering correct password.

Sim Change Alert

This functionality was offered by AntTheft two years ago and at that time there was not a single app on play store which implemented this functionality.

AntTheft allow registration of two sim cards, Every time when a new sim is inserted it will send you a text message and will ask for password to register the new sim. If you enter the password correctly, new sim card will be registered automatically.
If you already have registered two sim cards then after entering password sim registration activity will open up and will ask to replace one of the two previously registered sim cards.

Pressing back button instead of entering password for sim registration will update status to lost.

It will text you the details of newly inserted sim card,
For Example:
>>Sim Serial Number
>>IMEI Number
>>Network Operator Name
>>Current Sim Contact Number

I believe this is more than enough for busting a thief  and recovering your device.

Call Log Alerts:

This is the functionality which can be seen in a number of android apps but the idea of this functionality is brought into existence by AntTheft alone. When someone steal a device they insert their own sim card, if that stolen device has AntTheft installed than the owner will be notified by sms to their emergency contact numbers, with the details of newly SIM card. Every call made from or received by your device on thief SIM card  will be sent to the emergency numbers entered by the owner.

Thief Location:

AntTheft monitors if the device status is lost than it will send location updates through SMS to the emergency contact numbers provided by the owner. If AntTheft is also installed on the devices used by the emergency contacts than locations can be viewed in real time on google map.

Recover Misplaced Device:

AntTheft let you recover your misplaced device by sending an sms code from any other number, which will let your device start ringing even if your device is in silent mode.


One more interesting thing is that there is a tutorial shifted with AntTheft app which will help you understand the overall features and functionality. Download AntTheft (Anti Theft Solution) here.

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