The Role of Western Media During the failed military coup of Turkey 2016


President Erdogan (of Turkey) is being known in the world for his commitment, dedication and love for the well being of Turkey.  He brought up Turkey from every known crisis, and his numerous achievements  in the rise of Turkey includes the rise of GDP value and clearing Turkey’s debt to the IMF.

Erdogan have grown many enemies by his love for Islam and Muslims, by rejecting secularism, by uplifting the bans from Islamic practices  and  by advancing Turkey  to be an Islamic state as it was before Ata-Turk.

During the military coup Turkey 2016 the politicians, the TV Anchors and the Analysts on most of the NEWS channels owned by western countries were ready to celebrate the fall of Erdogan.

Transmissions of Western TV Channels during the military coup:


Fox News:

When the anchor of fox news asked John Bolton (former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations) about the ongoing military coup, He started counting the benefits of coup. Every one at FOX News were this much sure about the success of this coup that they held a test on the exemplary cooperation between America and the Army of Turkey. Chuck Nash ( former U.S Navy Captain)  was also not getting tired while praising Turkey armed forces.

Sky News:

Sky News reporter was saying that Erdogan is facing the reaction of being a helper to the terrorists and it will be great if military takeover the government.

In short CNN, BBC, SKY News and FOX News were stepping on one another to couple Erdogan’s government with terrorists.  When the military coup seemed failing these news channels remembered the violations of human rights. They were trying to say that hitting the coup soldiers with shoes or belts by civilians is more violent than shooting  the civilians, crushing by tanks , and killing people by shelling.

Today every one is assured that media is free and media will highlight every thing regardless of nations and religions, but it is a lie with disguise. Today’s media is a slave to a few people and it shows the world what they want . This cunning media creates so many confusions that the truth itself seems a lie.

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