Vitamin B12 Foods and Natural Sources of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 Foods and Natural Sources of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble and essential nutrient required for proper functioning of human body. Human body is not capable of producing vit b12 and it must be obtained from external sources such as the food we eat. Keeping in mind vitamin b12 benefits i am going to share top 17 vitamin b12 foods and sources of vitamin b12.

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Prior to discussing sources of b12 you should know the important vitamin b12 benefits. Some of most interesting and important vitamin b12 benefits are Red Blood cells formation and anemia prevention, Red blood cells when normal and healthy are small and round in shape while low levels of b12 is responsible for  larger and oval shape of the red blood cells, Prevents major birth defectsSupport Bone health and prevent osteoporosis, May Lower risk of Macular Degeneration, Help improve mood and lower signs of depression, Prevents loss of neurons and help brain, Boost Energy, Decrease Homocysteine and improve heart health, support healthy hair, skin and nails.

How Much Vitamin b12 We Need to Consume Daily:

Recommended dietary allowance is classified according to age groups and the following table lists RDA’s in micrograms (mcg).

Age Male Female Pregnancy Lactation
0 — 6 months* 0.4 mcg 0.4 mcg
7 — 12 months* 0.5 mcg 0.5 mcg
1 — 3 Years 0.9 mcg 0.9 mcg
4 — 8 years 1.2 mcg 1.2 mcg
8 — 13 years 1.8 mcg 1.8 mcg
14 + years 2.4 mcg 2.4 mcg 2.6 mcg 2.8 mcg

Sources of  Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B12 foods:

Vegetarians should know that sources of b12 are only animal based, vit b12 is only found in foods derived from animals such as animal meat , animal organs, dairy products and eggs. If you are a vegetarian then you should take vitamin b12 supplements, which include vitamin b12 capsules, b12 chewable tablets, b12 liquid drops, b12 sublingual softgels, sublingual b12 spray and vit b12 shots. The following table consists of vitamin b12 foods with high amount of b12 at the top along with the percent daily value (DV). DVs or Daily Values are developed by U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Note: The following values are for 100 grams servings.


# Food  Vitamin B12 in micro grams Percent DV
1 Mollusks, clam, mixed species, cooked, moist heat 98.89 1648
2 Lamb, variety meats and by-products, liver, raw 90.05 1500
3 Lamb, variety meats and by-products, liver, cooked, pan-fried 85.70 1428
4 Veal, variety meats and by-products, liver, cooked, braised 84.60 1410
5 Beef, variety meats and by-products, liver, cooked, pan-fried 83.13 1385
6 Duck, domesticated, liver, raw 54.00 900
7 Goose, liver, raw 54.00 900
8 Mollusks, oyster, Pacific, cooked, moist heat 28.80 480
9 Turkey, all classes, liver, cooked, simmered 28.17 469
10 Chicken, liver, all classes, cooked, pan-fried 21.13 352
11 Cereals ready-to-eat, RALSTON Enriched Wheat Bran flakes 20.69 344
12 Fish, caviar, black and red, granular 20.00 333
13 Fish, mackerel, Atlantic, cooked, dry heat 19.00 316
14 Salmon, red (sockeye), filets with skin, smoked 18.10 301
15 Margarine-like, vegetable oil spread, 60% fat, tub, with salt 10.80 180
16 Crustaceans, crab, dungeness, cooked, moist heat 10.38 173
17 Soup, clam chowder, new england, canned, condensed 9.47 157
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