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How to install WordPress locally on your PC

Well if you are looking for installing  WordPress on your PC, you probably know what does WordPress do, but i would like to write a short ...

Internet Protocols Cheat Sheet

If you do forget  the ports used by protocols or the function of internet protocols, don't worry i have compiled a list of all the possible commonly ...

What is JavaScript

Before learning any programming language you should know that there are two categories of programming languages interpreted programming language and compiled ...

MS Office Certification Benefits

In each personal and skilled spheres, Microsoft workplace or MS code has become a universal program to complete varied tasks in a straightforward, economical ...

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  1. It is best to take apple cider vinegar+lemon juice+ honey on empty stomach for best results, you can also take this 30 minutes after meals.
    Uric Acid level rises in the body when kidneys does not eliminate uric acid efficiently.

  2. Yes, it is working, in which template you are using this code??

  3. Amir you were not wrong, Most of the body stored fats converted into carbon dioxide, calories and a part of it converted into water. This water leaves our body through sweat, tears and urine.

  4. Sorry for the confusion, It is two table spoons of apple cider vinegar if you are currently suffering from gout pain and 2 teaspoons OR one table spoon if you want to get rid of future gout attacks.

  5. Hi Mohsin,
    I have updated the above code snippet, it was missing “}” at the end, now call this code in category.php template and it will work. If you want to use it in any other page template let me know.

  6. Hi, code given in this tutorial is enough to display all images from any post, all you need to do is changing this line of code
    $first_img = $matches [1] [0];

    $matches is an array which contains all the images of a post, i have displayed the first image which is at $matches[1][0], for displaying all images you need to loop through this array of images.

  7. If you are using Android Marshmallow then follow these steps:
    1, go to your phone settings.
    2, Select “About Device” option
    3, Select “Software Info” option
    4, Now Tap Build Number 7 to 8 times, a message will be displayed saying Developer Options are Enabled.
    5, Now go back to your main “Settings page” and you will see “Developer options” in the list, Click or Tap “Developer Options” and enable usb debugging if not already enabled.

    If you are using older versions of Android skip “Step 3” and follow all these steps.

  8. yes he was and will be remembered..