How to convert Audio to MP3 Using VLC Media Player

Convert audio to mp3 using vlc

You may be familiar with VLC media player and have used it for watching videos or playing Audio. In this tutorial you will get familiar with another useful function of VLC media player which is “Converting audio files to .mp3 file format”.

While you can convert any audio file to any available audio formats of your choice in VLC but in this tutorial we will cover how to convert audio file to mp3 file format in VLC media player.

For demonstrating each step we have converted a .wav audio file to mp3, follow the same steps for any other audio formats . Lets start to convert an audio file to mp3.

Steps for converting Audio to mp3 in VlC

Follow these steps below or scroll down and follow the steps with screenshots.

  • Download the Latest version of VLC media player.
  • Open VLC and click Media from the top menu.
  • From the menu Select Convert / Save option.
  • Click on Add Button at the right on the new Window and select your file which you want to convert.
  • After selecting your file click on Convert / Save button at the bottom.
  • A new window opens titled Convert, Locate the Drop down menu next to Profile, click it and select Audio – MP3.
  • Choose a name and destination for your converted audio file by clicking Browse button at the bottom.
  • Now Click Start button and wait for the conversion, the audio conversion time is different for different files, depending the audio length of the file and the codecs.

Convert Audio to Mp3 Step by Step with Screenshots

1. Open VLC Media Player

How to Convert audio to mp3 using vlc

2. Click on Media from the Top Menu and select Convert/ Save option.

Converting audio file to mp3file using vlc

3. Select the audio file which you want to convert by clicking Add Button at the right.

How to Convert audio to mp3 using vlc

4. After selecting the source file which need to be converted, click on Convert / Save button at the bottom.

How to Convert audio to mp3 using vlc

5. Click on the drop down menu next to Profile and select Audio – MP3. If you want to convert your audio file to another audio format choose that from this menu.

6. Specify a name and destination for converted mp3 audio file.

7. Click on the Start button at the bottom to start converting, wait for the VLC to complete the audio conversion process.

Wait a few moment or you may have to wait a bit longer, depending on the length of audio file, bit rate and sample rate. You would also like to learn “How to compress audio file or reduce the size of your audio files

That’s it, Hope that we have helped you in learning how to convert audio to mp3 format using VLC media player. Don’t forget to share this awesome post on social media with your friends.

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