How To Enable Android Developer Options in Android 7 Nougat

In this tutorial you will learn how to enable android developer options/USB Debugging in android 7. Once you learn enabling debug mode it is easy to disable developer options once you are done. Android developer options/ USB Debugging is disabled by default and we have to enable it when we want to develop an android app and test it live on android device. If you are an android developer or planning to start android coding then you must need an android device with USB debugging enabled. If you want to test your apps on a new android device, you must have to enable debugging mode on your new device.

What is USB Debugging Mode in Android:

USB debugging mode OR Android developer options are meant to test newly created apps and troubleshoot apps on real android devices. If you want to root an android device or flash a device you must have to enable USB debugging. in short with USB debugging enabled, we can copy files and apks directly to the android device and can view file logs and other important information related to android apps on PC.  For app testing and reading log files related to any app installed on your android device, you must should have Android SDK installed on your PC.

Is it Safe to Enable USB Debugging / Developer Options:

It depends totally on you, if you only connect your device with your own PC and your home charging station then you don’t have to worry if USB Debugging is on. If you connect your phone to public charging stations and other systems then it might be possible that some one with access to the charging stations can steal your data or can infect your device with a malware. In simple words you can always turn off USB debugging with minimal effort just after you are done with debugging or testing.

Settings for developer options are changed in android nougat and in this tutorial you will learn how to enable developers mode in android nougat.

If your device is running on android 6 we have written a step by step tutorial for enabling developer options in android 6.

Steps for Enabling Samsung Developer Options OR Samsung Developer Mode:

Step 1.  Click on Main Menu of your device and Select Settings.

Enable Android Samsung Developer Options

Step 2. On Android settings scroll down to the bottom and select About Phone.

Enable sansung developer options, select about device

Step 3. From About Phone tap on  Software Version 7 to 8 times, this will enable android developer options OR Samsung developer options.

Enable android developer options, select software version

Step 4. Go Back to settings and now you will see Developer options, select developer options, Slide to right the button under developer options to activate debug mode. Click OK from the pop up screen.

Enable Android Developer Options, select developer options

Step 6. Following the above steps, android debugging mode OR android developer options are enabled and you will have the resulting screen some what like the screenshot below.

Android debug mode or android developer options enabled

If you want to disable android debug mode, just slide the button to left under the developer options and developer options will be disabled.

How Can I Tell If USB Debugging is Enabled?

Go to setting of your device, scroll down, if you see Developer Options in the menu tap it and Just tick the check box or slide the switch to on, tap the OK button on Pop up window if it appears and you are done.

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