Hydro Demolition replacing traditional Jackhammer

Water is a great gift of the nature and of course  without water life is not possible, along with the numerous uses of water new methods of water usefulness is being discovered day by day. I this article i will share a new application of water which is Demolition by water.

Hydro demolition

As we all know that Jackhammer is  traditionally used for decimating concrete but now the era is changing and Jackhammers are being replaced by a more sustainable and energy efficient method which is  “Hydro demolition”.  Demolition by water is just about what it looks like, though it presently used for terribly precise cleansing uses. A hydro demolition tractor, that appears like a tractor with a large hose, blasts water at thirty six thousand (36000) PSI to get rid of concrete broken by salt and frost from the upper deck. Once staff get all the way down to the steel of the bridge they’ll pave over it with asphalt.

A lance glides over the concrete, shooting one air mass water jet and removing the broken material. The user sets the hydro demolition parameters (how quick, how wide). After that, you are able to begin. Parameters are set for the robotic demolisher which strictly works by the set parameters, operating its manner in an exceedingly line because the human monitors the progress. it is heap of precise—and an entire lot quieter—than drilling.
Hydro demolition started within the early 80’s courtesy of the Swedish government. The Swedish National Road Administration, Vägverket, tormented about the variant detriments it saw in then-current upper deck cleansing strategies. once assemblage with a manufacturer, the organization find the thought that aggressive water might take away filth and dirt.

“Extensive trials were conducted on specially made check slabs,” in step with Conjet’s web site, “made of stepped layers of various strengths of concrete, and on a range of broken structures in Sweden in the year 1984 before the introduction of the Conjet Robots to the world market.”  Due to the huge success of the Conjet Robots they became an independant company in 1990.

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