How to Quickly put your laptop/computer to sleep mode

It is a good idea to put you PC or Laptop to sleep mode if you are not using it for some time, in sleep mode a laptop consumes little power to just keep the system’s state in memory(RAM). It keeps the applications open in memory, when you wake it up you will have all the applications open and ready to start working where you left.

You should be aware that sleep mode keep the applications open but are paused which means they are not productive in sleep mode. For example if you were downloading a file it will stop or paused during sleep mode.

Lets talk about how to quickly put your laptop or Computer to sleep mode.

Method 1: Put your laptop to sleep mode with The Power Button

Just press the Power button of your laptop a single time and it will go to sleep mode. To wake it up again press the Power Button for 2 to 3 seconds.

Method 2: Use a keyboard sequence for going to sleep mode

You can put your computer to sleep mode with just pressing a few keys in a sequence, on your keyboard press windows button+X then press U and S. Pressing the last key “S” will immediately make your computer sleep.

Method 3: Go to sleep mode through windows menu (start menu)

Click on the windows icon located at the bottom left corner of the task bar, click on Power and select sleep.

How to quickly put your laptop to sleep mode.

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